Men's Saucony Hurricane 24 Running Shoe in Bough


One layer of our foam is incredible - two is unforgettable. That's the max cushioned Hurricane 24. Experience a double dose of comfort with our all-new dual-cushioning system, pairing plush, energy-returning PWRRUN PB foam with a supportive PWRRUN foam frame. And with new-era geometry and CenterPath Technology, you'll get optimal protection through every stride. Hurricane 24 unlocks a whole new level of comfort that makes every day a foam party.


Made For
Daily Movement

SUPPORT: Stability


PWRRUN FRAMEMore Information

OFFSET: 6mm (38/32mm)

Men: 10.6oz. (302g)
Women: 9.8oz. (279g)

Max Cushioning

Centerpath Technology

Everyday Wear



  • Max cushioning - Experience a double dose of comfort our all-new dual-cushioning system featuring plush, energy-returning PWRRUN PB foam and supportive PWRRUN foam.
  • Protective geometry - Broader base with increased ground contact and higher sidewalls for a running shoe that offers a secure, protective, and max comfort.
  • Premium Design - A breathable engineered mesh with a plush and secure heel fit hugs your foot for all-day comfort.