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HEYBO Sportsman's Waxed Guncase


Long popular thanks to its high quality, extreme durability and minimal care requirements, waxed canvas was among the original waterproof fabrics. In fact, as far back as the 1500s, sailors would use grease and fish oils to give their sails an extra level of weather protection (as well as to help them better catch the wind). In the 1800s, paraffin waxes, which used petroleum products to create a more effective sealant, were developed. And by the 1920s, with the manufacturing process greatly improved, waxed canvas was used to produce waterproof luggage, tents, items of clothing and a range of other gear that needed to withstand challenging environmental elements.

Since then, the wax used to treat fabrics and create waxed canvas products has been further improved via blending with other, even more effective sealing substances. But one thing has remained constant — waxed canvas is still used to create high-quality, durable products that, with the right care, can last a long time.